Sunshine and Rainbows


So I spent a while trying to sum up an adorably kitsch name to refer to anyone who reads this blog but, finally, came to the conclusion that if people wanted to be referred to as ‘dumplings’ or ‘darlings’, they could go somewhere else.

Now with that cheery greeting, let’s get on with this.

I thought I should do a ‘get-to-know-me’ post to begin with but then realised that no-one really cares. Just another depressing realisation. This blog business really does help you ‘find yourself’. For a (tiny) window into my life, it’s the first weekend of half term and I have had 10 exams in the last two weeks. Now you may, perhaps, have more of an insight into why I’m not all sunshine-and-rainbows at the moment.

Any questions?

Seeing as that was purely rhetorical, bearing in mind the only person I am talking to is myself, I asked myself some questions (+ one heart-breaking statement):

1) Why has she made this blog?
2) What is she doing here? #shesnotwelcome
3) She has cheapened and lowered the standard of blogs universally.

And my beautifully crafted answer was: 

absolute and unimaginable boredom
absolute and unimaginable boredom
absolute and unimaginable boredom

I sincerely apologise if this blog is a flaw in the perfect complexion of mankind but I hope you can get some enjoyment out of my discoloured and sleep-inducing life. In all seriousness though, this blog is not for the purpose of entertainment or advice-giving, but simply a paper bag into which I can scream and vent all my feelings.

hey! i'm an 21 year old medical student (currently intercalating in anthropology) living it up in east london! i spend my spare time playing dixie chicks on guitar (badly), attempting to do yoga and turning it up at my church.

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