Bubblegum Pink Dreamworld

After writing the previous post I felt like I was being a bit too non-conformist with this whole blog thing so decided to Actually Tell You About Myself.

Warning to those poor people who actually read this: I may sound like a super-exciting person on paper (I wish) but that bubblegum pink dreamworld will eventually come crashing down.

1. My full name is Lily Grace Copping.

2. I have 15 years experience breathing.
*I actually had to google whether unborn babies breathe. They don’t.

3. I love pretty much everything pink, as you can probably tell from my background.

4. I’ve already run out of things to interest you with but I’ll carry on because four facts is rather pathetic and I know you’re just dying to hear more.

5. I am what people would call a feminist (do we need a label?) and I could spend hours telling you about it, which I probably will at some point, but today is not your lucky day.

6. I believe in the awesome entity called God and that other pretty awesome guy I fondly call Jesus. DON’T SHOOT ME.

7. My favourite foods (plural because who can choose one?) are angel delight, sushi, spaghetti and tofu.

8. On that note, I am pesketarian and before you shoot me again (this is becoming a habit, you should get help), I will do a post about why I choose to eat (well specifically, not eat) what I do, when I have the energy and correct facts.

9. I buy a large majority of my clothes from charity shops and vintage shops and no, before you inevitably ask,  I don’t smell like a dead person or look like a bag lady (hopefully).

10. I play guitar, (try to) sing and (try to) act. Yes I’m one of those people.

11. I have four brothers…SOMEONE PLEASE ADOPT ME. Actually it’s not as bad as it sounds, two of them live with my dad and two of them live with my mum (who I also live with), in Nottingham, UK. But that also means there’s no escape. Ever.

12. I have a four (five?) year old black miniature schnauzer called Abi. In case you’re confused and think that is a weird cross-breed of plant, she’s a dog, I think.

13. This will end soon, i promise. It’s just as painful for me to write it as it is for you to read.

14. My music taste varies from Hanson to Mcfly to obscure bands that only have two songs.
(if you want to check that out, my spotify account is something along the lines of ‘Lily Copping’)

15. Or if you’re really curious, there’s a link to my Youtube channel on the right somewhere (plus other amazingly amazing social media links to satisfy your every need). That sounded weird.

Well now I’m sure you’ve realised how much of a normal and boring person I am, please feel free to leave and do something more productive with your time than read my blog. If you could call it a blog.

hey! i'm an 21 year old medical student (currently intercalating in anthropology) living it up in east london! i spend my spare time playing dixie chicks on guitar (badly), attempting to do yoga and turning it up at my church.

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