Every so often I go through my twitter and make sure my tweets give the impression of a cool gal with some cute quirks, rather than a social-life-less teenage girl with a slightly addictive personality.

Yeah, it’s hard.

So I was scrolling down my twitter profile the other day and decided to (bravely) make a little compilation of the tweets that I probably should have censored a while ago. I’m afraid these tweets don’t exactly fit my desired persona but hey, if that was the aim, I shouldn’t have made this blog.

1.The time me and one of my best friends, Emma, walked into our physics classroom singing ‘I’M SO HOLLOW BABAYYY I’M SOOO HOLLOW” and promptly got sent out. It remains the single proudest moment of my life.






2. The time I got emotional about being the only person I know who will happily watch Japanese animation and eat pink goo for hours on end. How does that not sound appealing?




3. The time I became a one-woman-banana-nesquik-hoovering-machine




4. The time I decided to break tradition and buy a mini tinsel Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it was more of an aqua colour rather than pink but I still treasured it and even bought little baubles and fairy lights to decorate it with.




5. The time I was rehearsing for one of my GCSE drama performances and during my big, dramatic monologue I managed to obtain an almost perfect welsh accent.



6. The time (two days ago) when I watched the Vampire Academy film then bought the first three books then read them then attempted to run away and become a vampire. I’m now on book six.






7. The time I watched the Vampire Diaries season 5 finale and my heart was broken for the first time.



8. The time (yesterday) I was having stationary-withdrawal-symptoms and bought 24 Sharpies.




9. The time I tried to revise physics and music and failed.





10. The other time I tried to revise physics and failed.




11. The final time I tried to revise physics. And failed.




12. The time I packed my bag whilst half-asleep.




13. The time I rekindled my year 5 addiction of cheap milk bottles.




14. The time I went to a talk at church and the guy said something really cool.




15. The time I cried over some hilarious person’s ranting.





16. The time I finally realised that the purpose of twitter is to unveil hidden parts of your personlity.









I hope you enjoyed this insight into my twitter. If you want to keep up with my erratic tweeting and addictive retweeting, my account is @electriclils

Update: @electriclils account deleted, new account is @lilycopping





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