How To: Help Yourself When You’re Sad

Gooooodness me, it’s been a hot minute. I was recently reminded by some friends of mine that I hadn’t written a post in a while. This is clearly code for “Lily, your fans need you”, right? Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL but life got in the... read more

How To: Support Someone Who is Sad

If I had to describe myself in one word it absolutely wouldn’t be ‘sad’. ‘Sad’ wouldn’t even come into my top 100 words to describe the complex entity that is me.* *Yes, I now refer to myself as a complex entity because I found out... read more

Are My Parents Human?

In two months, I start the third decade of my life (I turn 20). To commemorate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to try and compile a list of all the things I’ve learned in my old age. 1. A hair cut is the single easiest self esteem booster. This... read more

Bubblegum Pink Dreamworld II

Why, hello there! Apologies for the lame greeting, I just spent a whole three minutes thinking of an alternative and came up short. Now that we’ve got that out the way, I’ll crack on with saying all the words I came on here to say. I’ve been thinking... read more

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

So, I’m not sure how to say this. I’m not even sure if it’s a thing that needs to be said a certain way. Alright here, we go. My mum has cancer. The biggest reason I struggle saying this out loud* is because I don’t want to change my perception of my mum. She... read more

Pom-Pom Procrastination

We all find ways of procrastinating. For some, it involves completing every single menial chore you’ve been avoiding for weeks, for others it involves engaging in completely useless activities that you, despite knowing they’re a waste of time, throw... read more

hey! i'm an 20 year old medical student living it up in london! i spend my spare time playing dixie chicks on guitar (badly), attempting to do yoga and turning it up at my church.

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