Medical School

My Fears for Medical School: An Update

Today, I officially finished my first year of medical school! I have my results and, miraculously, I passed.* *This may not seem as amazing to you as it does to me but trust me, it’s a miracle. Nine months ago I wrote a post about my fears for medical school. Today I... read more


I have been asked to describe myself a lot of times in my (fairly short (so far)) life. Like, a lot. I don’t know whether people are actually interested in how I perceive myself or whether they’re just trying to figure out how best to handle me. Okay,... read more

10 Signs You’re a Medical Student

A handy guide to assess how ‘medical-student-y’ you are, if that’s something that appeals to you.   1. You only have one smart outfit so it makes a recurring appearance every single placement day. 2. You sometimes find it difficult to come up... read more

Good things come to those who…Wait? Pray? Cry?

I didn’t get into medicine. Until I did. (Original post here: As results day dawned, I was convinced that whatever grades I got, I would be fine. And I... read more

Hakuna Matata?

Life update: Currently recovering from being thrown into the (seemingly) eternal abyss of an uncertain future*. *a/k/a I didn’t get into medicine. This road to recovery has come in four stages: Well, sh*t. This is the hardest stage because you’re not... read more

hey! i'm an 20 year old medical student living it up in london! i spend my spare time playing dixie chicks on guitar (badly), attempting to do yoga and turning it up at my church.

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