Lovey Dovey Ghetto Princess.

I have loved Scissor Sisters since, like, forever. There’s just something about their music that makes me want to eat a handful of glitter, jump on a train to Vienna and buy a herd of wild pugs.

All whilst singing at an only-dogs-can-hear pitch and thrusting rhythmically.

After writing that pretty graphic (yet realistic) description of me dancing, I realised I didn’t really know what else to write about this. So, I’m going to list my favourite of Scissor Sisters’ songs and give a brief insight into why they make me so happy.

5. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.

This goes without saying, really. I just find it so great that the one song professing not dancing is the single best song at making you want to dance. Also, literally nobody knows the words to the rest of the song except the line ‘I don’t feel like dancing, no sir, no dancing today’. Personally, I like to sing the first line as ‘Wake up in the morning and the mojo’s in the place, my heart can take a chance but I don’t whither either way’. According to (reliable source, I know), the actual lyric is ‘Wake up in the morning with a head like ‘what ya done?’ This used to be the life but I don’t need another one’. Let down. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even think Scissor Sisters know what the actual words are to this song. They just shimmy gracefully through the song, trying to make it rhyme.

4. Skin Tight.

Lesser known, but a classic. Well technically it’s not a classic for exactly the reason I just highlighted, but it sounded like I knew what I was talking about. I love this song because the lyrics are like properly beautiful and emotional yet they choose to put them to a rave-worthy bass and make it a groove, rather than a ballad. I don’t know about you, but I love a groove. This is the sort of song I can imagine dancing to in the rain.

3. Filthy / Gorgeous.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the genius of this song. I can pretty much guarantee that every single one of you will have at least one memory of listening to this song. And that memory will either be excruciatingly painful to recall or will make you smile reading this. It’s just one of those songs. Personally, I have countless memories of dancing to this at parties, generally with my parents and their friends. Yes, that means that 6 year old me used to innocently sing the words to this song (or at least some version of the words) with adults that knew perfectly well what the lyrics meant but let me belt them out to crowds of strangers anyway.

2. Invisible Light.

I don’t know why I love this song so much, but I really do. I can just imagine the chorus being the soundtrack to almost every single good moment in my life. I listen to it when I’m sad or grumpy or bored (or any other mood that requires me to wear extra eyeliner). Just listen to it, and hopefully you’ll understand.

1. Fire with Fire.

This is my favourite song of all time, not just of the Scissor Sisters collection. I cry almost every single time I listen to it, or I energetically dance solidly for the entire song. My moods vary a lot. I think it’s a combination of the piano riff at the beginning, Jake Shears’ shameless vocals, and probably my favourite lyrics ever written. If there was ever a song that came close enough to describing me, it would be this one. Fire with fire. It’s practically my motto now. Not that I’m validating ‘revenge’; I’m a firm believer in the ‘if someone hits you, turn the other cheek’ party line. But ‘turning the other cheek’, to me, doesn’t mean forgetting about it. If someone hurts you, or something you care about, you have a right to question it and to stand up for what you believe in. So even if your fire is a huge bonfire, or the tiny flame hiding underneath the coal, you’re still fighting.

So, at the end of that rather long ‘list’, I hope you have something to take away from it. Even if it’s just that I had a slightly dysfunctional childhood. At least you now know a little bit about why I am, well, the way that I am.

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hey! i'm an 21 year old medical student (currently intercalating in anthropology) living it up in east london! i spend my spare time playing dixie chicks on guitar (badly), attempting to do yoga and turning it up at my church.

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