David Cameron Looks A Bit Like Ham

I know I said I’d write this post about the comment from that crazay guy, “If you support Christianity you support anti-gay, anti-choice and anti-science beliefs”, but I’m not going to. I’m not sure who I’m trying to reassure as I justify why (most likely myself) but here goes.

The main reason is, I honestly don’t know what to say. Obviously I disagree with his opinion.*

*This is coming from a non ‘anti-gay’, pro-choice (I think, the politics of it is all very confusing), Biology and Chemistry AS-level taking person so I feel like I’m allowed to disagree. 

One thing I do agree on, however, is the bit about ‘support’. People have different opinions. Some I agree with, and others (the larger portion, surprise, surprise) I don’t. That doesn’t mean I have the right to inflict my views on them, or to automatically shrug theirs off. Everyone has reasons for what they believe, and who am I* to make a judgement on that? 

*Or anyone, really. Everyone’s equal y’all.

But that’s all I want to say, really. Abortion, in particular, is a topic I care deeply about but have no desire to write about on here, at this present moment. I just know I’ll say something stupid (as my past dictates) and it’s not really an issue you can cover with pink glitter to resolve. I know this blog is supposed to be like a place where I can concentrate all my feelings and not worry about starting a debate, but with such a sensitive subject, and the need for eloquence, I don’t want to attempt to share my thoughts on this and end up in a bigger whole of desperation and pointlessness than I usually do. I don’t want anyone to think I’m scared of the topic, or dismissing it as it’s not of great enough importance to be included in my ramblings, just that I don’t want to end up accidentally offending someone (I’m really quite good at that) or accidentally making light of such a serious topic (I am almost always inappropriately informal). I will probably write a post about it in the future (if this blog lasts that long) but until then, nuh uh honey.*

*I feel like that’s a quote from something? Ah well, it sounds sassay.

So. After that lengthy explanation of why I’m not writing about something, here’s a little update on the things I am totally rating at the moment:

1. Coats.
This is the thing I have missed most about cold weather. Not hot chocolate, or cinnamon (people pretend to be really into it but they just want to sound seasonal) but coats. I am one of those people who firmly believe that an outfit is not complete without a bag and a coat. That sounds so ew and go away Lily-y but I cannot count the number of times I have taken my (fairly big) satchel out with me, with nothing but my phone and a packet of chewing gum being tossed around in it. I also believe that whatever you wear, stained, holey or just my-mum-bought-it-ugly, if you wear a good coat you can pull it off. You have to be picky with coats, though. I mean, you’re gonna wear it everyday so it’s gotta look good. I tend to go for things that distract from the disgusting-ness of whatever I’m wearing underneath. Like fur or vintage or pink or denim or pink or fluffy. Or pink.

2. Tissues.
When the box of tissues comes out in my house/flat/place of residence, you know it’s cold season. Everyday before I walk out the door, I have to inhale a few hundred medicines just to keep me from collapsing from the sheer exhaustion of having a cold at school. You hardly notice it when you’re at home, when there’s a constant stream of paracetamol on hand at all times and no-one to judge you when you blow your nose and abnormal substances appear in your tissue.*

*Too much information? Yeah, I thought so.

But when you’re at school, it is a million times worse. Every time you feel a sniff being urgently needed, the class is pin-drop silent in the middle of a test (or something else that requires everyone’s attention to be on the poor kid fumbling around desperately in their pockets for tissues, only to find old receipts and crumbs). Yes, I’m that kid at the back of the classroom, sniffing a million times a minute and tissue fluff cascading out of my pocket every time I move. And the school nurse can’t give you paracetamol, obviously, so you’re stuck sniffing, red-nosed and just generally feeling vile. As you can probably tell, I don’t cope well with illness.

3. Modern Family.
My mum decided to buy the box set of season 1 and 2 last month, and obviously, because this is the sort of obsessive person I am, I have now caught up with the rest of the world and am enjoying distracting myself from the mound of work I need to do with season 5. I don’t quite know why I have never got into it before. Actually, I do. It’s because things like Nashville, The Vampire Diaries and Modern Family are all programmes not shown on the TV channels I have access to. This means that, to hear about them, I have to have friends who watch it, a mum who compulsively buys box sets, or the ability to search on Google (for hours) “Top 10 American TV programmes”.*

*Because we all know they’re the best. Excluding Sherlock, Made in Chelsea and Wolfblood.

4. Dried dates.
I hate dried fruit….is what I always thought, until I tried dates. As most of you will know, I’ve recently moved to Bristol. Bristol is basically a city full of middle class coconut water drinkers, bike riders and quinoa* absorbers.

*Pronounced ‘keen-wah’. 

Everyone’s vegan, vegetarian, or on a strictly No Refined Sugar Diet. 

So obviously there’s a big market here for:
a) Weird, expensive grains.
b) Weird, expensive waters.
c) Weird, expensive dried fruit.

Naturally, I happen to know a few of these Bristolians, and by fate, I happened to be offered a dried date. I’ve always avoided dates because they literally look like giant raisins, and raisins are the food of rabbits and children who go to ‘after school clubs’. But anyway, I tried it and basically my life suddenly had meaning. They are so good. 

5. —– in Parliament.
These are programmes that I watch on BBC iPlayer, and watching them is my new hobby. The ‘—–‘ represents a day of the week, and they have them for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and, if you fancy a bit of a treat, a ‘The Week’ highlights show. Obviously my initial reason for watching them was because I didn’t want to be the least educated person in my politics class, but now it’s just because I like watching David Cameron fulfill every single stereotype about British politicians. He has a posh voice, he has perfected the patronizing laugh, and (best of all) he goes really red. It’s a bit alarming actually, but not enough to not still be hilarious.*

*I googled ‘David Cameron looks like‘ and basically some people think he looks like ham. Just a little nugget of information for you to take away this week.

So that’s it for this week. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in sooooo long but hopefully this one is long enough to make up for it.

hey! i'm an 21 year old medical student (currently intercalating in anthropology) living it up in east london! i spend my spare time playing dixie chicks on guitar (badly), attempting to do yoga and turning it up at my church.

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